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BB Soup 2014-01-15

BB Soup 2014-01-15

A hearty bean soup with your choice of vegetables, seasonings, and toppings

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Re: How Are Our Recipes, Anyway?

As a lifelong serious amateur cook, I have been "burned" time and time again (my wife wonders how thick my skull really is), by magazines, books, TV shows, and (more recently) on-line recipes from blogs, magazine sites, and "general" recipe sites. Many has been the time I have dropped up to $10 on a magazine, or $30++ on a book, only to use maybe one or two recipes (or worse, none). And as often as not, those recipes have failed. This has NEVER been the case with recipes from Fine Cooking magazine. I started buying the magazine over the counter around issue number six, and have managed to build a complete collection from issue 1 onwards in hard copy, as well as on DVD. NEVER in the time I have used Fine Cooking have I had a Fine Cooking recipe fail. Granted a few were disappointing, but that was most often a result of an error on my end, not on your end. Once or twice the flavors didn't live up to my expectations, but there was nothing amiss with the quality of the product. If I'm facing an important dinner party, I almost will always use a "safe" recipe I've tried before using willing (gullible?) family members; although, if I find a new recipe from Fine Cooking I will try it without this pre-test. That is a strong testament in my opinion.
As for my daily recipe through your eLetter, I don't often make what you send, but I do find that I can draw ideas and inspiration from them, if not for your approach to the ingredients, your technique, then for the way you may have plated the finished dish. Cooking is more than just following recipes verbatim: reading newsfeeds, blogs, and even hard copy materials teach me that are many larger principles and ideas that cross many genres and techniques. I think that a true, creative cook (as opposed to a recipe-follower) can always gain something from these kinds of efforts, and I laud your own creativity and variety in presenting them in the fashions you do.

Re: A Pi/Pie Day Giveaway

Brown sugar squash pie (FC #35) takes the prize. To date, 100% of tasters have been convinced it's pumpkin alone. Use a butter-lard crust to bring out the sweetness & richness even more; follow with a high-grade tawny port and it doesn't get any better.

Re: Video: How to Grill Corn on the Cob

I have been grilling my corn this way for the past several years: it works great, involves minimal prep, and there's no great pot of water to worry about. I do not, though, remove my silks prior to cooking: once the outermost layers of husk have been removed, I twist off the silk end and leave the rest. When the corn has cooked, and I peel off the husks, most if not all of the silk comes off with the husk. Any few remaining strands curl up and are quickly removed. Also, as the season winds down, I'll purchase a few dozen cobs, grill them, then remove the kernels and bag for freezing. Great to have grilled corn in a corn chowder in a cold January day!

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