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Converting conventional recipes for convection


What are your general guidelines for converting conventional oven recipes for use in a convection oven?

Sharon Richardson, Southern Pines, NC


For roasting large cuts of meat, I reduce the temperature by 25ºF and expect the food to be done slightly faster. For vegetables, fish, and small steaks, I maintain the same temperature as called for in the recipe and reduce the cooking time by about 25%. For baking, I reduce the oven temperature by 25ºF and expect items to be done sooner. The longer you cook something, the greater the time savings with convection; a turkey could be done an hour faster, while cookies may be done only a minute or two sooner. But with smaller baked goods, the time savings comes in being able to bake on up to three racks at one time (true-convection ovens don’t have hot and cool spots, as conventional ovens do, so you generally don’t have to rotate pans during baking).

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