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Our favorite cookie. I add more cinnamon and use whatever chocolate chips I have in the pantry. It doesn't matter what combination of sweet, bittersweet you use - You will love them. They keep in the freezer and we microwave to warm up.

Because it requires melting chocolate, this recipe takes a little more work than some drop cookies, but is SO worth the time and effort! The Saigon cinnamon and ancho chile powder adds a wonderful hint of spiciness. We live in the Southwest and these are a PERFECT holiday cookie. I'm baking for a cookie exchange and gave my husband a stack of recipes and asked him to choose one for me to make. He chose this one and after giving him a taste of a cookie, he asked me if I could bake something else to give away and keep these for us!

Wow! I can not stop eating these cookies! Every bite begs for more with such complex flavor! Will make these again and have already shared the recipe!

These are terrific. My husband loved them. He said "There's a party going on in my mouth".

I chose these because they were easy but they were also really good. My Publix didn't have ancho powder so I used chipotle powder and cut it in half and they smell amazing and have a little warmth to them, not too spicy. I thought they were undercooked when I took them out but after I gave them time to cool they firmed up. They took 9 minutes at 350 in a convection oven.

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