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Autumn Apple Desserts

apple desserts

From iconic pies to comforting crisps to apple cider doughnuts that are practically a tradition, there’s no better way to savor the sweet side of fall than by making homey apple desserts. Get inspired by a few favorites or explore this fruit's savory side. Also, consult our guide to learn which apple varieties are best for cooking.


Apple Upside-Down Cake

The beautiful flower pattern that’s revealed once this cake is inverted will be defined best by an apple that holds its shape. A sweet variety, like Braeburns, Cameos, Golden Delicious, or Honeycrisps will complement the nutty brown butter in which the apples are cooked.

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Salted Caramel Apple-Pear Tart

As delicious as it is pretty, this lattice-topped tart combines fall fruit with warm cardamom in a tender hazelnut crust. Salted caramel ties the flavors together, and large-crystal sanding sugar on the lattice adds crunch.

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Spiced Apple-Pecan Bread

Warm spices, apples, and plenty of toasted pecans make this the perfect fall quick bread. And like so many apple desserts, this one's great for breakfast, too. Applesauce adds an extra hit of apple flavor while chopped pecans make an appealing crunchy top.

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Apple Cider Doughnuts

Who says doughnuts are just for breakfast? These sweet treats are a fall tradition worth keeping. Hot chocolate, coffee, or tea is optional, but recommended!

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Moist Apple Cake

Applesauce makes this cake wonderfully moist and it works just as well as a snacking cake or even for breakfast.

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Apple-Pear Cobbler

Easier than pie, but just as scrumptious, this skillet-cobbler pairs fresh, ripe apples and pears with a crisp brown sugar-pecan topping.

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Rustic Apple-Cinnamon Tart

When you're craving apple pie, but want to try something a little different, this free-form tart baked on a cookie sheet is the perfect solution, and it’s a gorgeous way to show off your favorite in-season apples.

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Fried Apple Pies

These mini pies pack all the flavor and nostalgia of a classic apple pie into a sweet little package you can eat out of hand.

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Apple-Blackberry Crisp

Crisps are the comfort food of the fruit world. In this version, the apples and blackberries marry perfectly and the chopped hazelnuts add texture and make for a crunchy top.

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Apple Brown-Butter Jalousie

You don’t have to be a pastry chef to make this elegant French dessert. With frozen puff pastry and ripe apples, it comes together surprising quickly and serves eight, so it’s a natural for entertaining.

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Tarte Tatin

In this simple yet irresistible classic, tender caramelized apples are topped with an all-butter short-crust pastry; then the tart is baked until gloriously golden and flipped upside down.

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Almond Cheesecake Apple Bars

Sweet apple fillings and nutty crumb toppings are a marriage made in heaven. Add that classic cheesecake tang and texture, and you’ve got one delicious bar.

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Classic Apple Pie

The filling in this iconic dessert is a lovely blend of sweet Cortlands and tangy Granny Smiths, laced with just enough sugar and spice to make the apples’ flavors sing.

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Apple Cranberry Crisp

Using a combination of apple varieties in this crisp delivers an unexpected range of textures and tart-sweet flavors.

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