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Recipes for filling crepes

Simple and versatile, crêpes are the perfect blank canvas for savory and sweet fillings from chicken and cheese to chocolate and fruit. They freeze well too, so it makes sense to make big batches, then pull them out of the freezer when the mood strikes. Here, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for what to do with these supple, buttery pancakes.


Clementine Crêpes Suzette

This riff on a French classic is made fresher with clementine juice rather than orange juice. The classic requires flambéing to caramelize the sugar, but here, a caramel-based sauce lends that bittersweet note of burnt sugar without the pyrotechnics.

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Baked Crêpes Cacciatore with Parmesan Cream Sauce

In this comforting casserole, crêpes are filled with a fragrant chicken, tomato, and mushroom mixture, topped with a cheese sauce, and baked. For speed and ease, this recipe calls for leftover or store-bought rotisserie chicken.

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Ricotta Blintzes with Dried Fruit Compote

This classic brunch dish consists of a creamy ricotta filling wrapped in tender crêpes and cooked in butter until golden-brown. It's topped with a sweet-tart compote of dried cherries, apricots and figs.

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Smoked Salmon Cocktail Crêpes

The classic salmon-cream-cheese-dill combo is so delicious; this recipe adds a little mascarpone for creaminess and wraps it all up in tender crêpes.

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Apple-Filled Crêpes with Caramel Sauce

Pie à la mode’s got nothing on this luscious dessert. The apple filling here can be made a day or two ahead for easy entertaining.

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Crêpes with Pears, Gouda, and Fresh Thyme

This sweet-and-savory crêpe makes a lovely lunch or snack: juicy sautéed pears juxtaposed with the salty, nutty flavors of aged Gouda and the herbal notes of fresh thyme.

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Crêpe Cake with Coffee Cream & Hazelnut Praline

Here, a stack of crêpes layered with two sweet fillings—one creamy, one crunchy—becomes a luscious, sophisticated, make-ahead dessert.

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Leek, Apple, Fennel Sausage, and Goat Cheese Crêpes

The leeks in the filling of these crêpes are cooked slowly until they're soft and caramelized, and the apple plays up their sweetness, contrasted by tangy goat cheese.

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Curry Chicken Crêpes

A French classic meets Indian flavors in this recipe, which is proof positive that leftover chicken is truly something to look forward to.

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Walnut & Rum Raisin Crêpes with Chocolate Sauce

These crêpes, known as gundel paliscinta, are deep, dark, and delicious. The sauce is both unusual and outstanding, with whipped cream folded in at the end giving it an amazingly velvety texture.

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