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Make it Green for St. Patrick´s Day

There's nothing authentically Irish about these recipes, but if you're looking to bring Ireland's trademark hue to your party fare, here are some ideas to bring a little green to every course on the menu.


Pea & Parmigiano Soup

This brightly colored soup gets its color from peas, of course, and its silky texture from finely grated Parmigiano-Reggiano instead of heavy cream.

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Edamame Hummus with Spiced Pita Chips

This fresh, creamy green dip has all the classic hummus flavors of garlic, cumin, and lemon. Its mellow, bright flavor and smooth texture make the perfect companion to bold, spicy pita chips.

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Barley Salad with Peas & Asparagus

Fresh green peas, sugar snaps, and asparagus imbue this simple grain salad with the essence of spring.

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Garden Party Cocktail

Agave syrup, cilantro, lime juice, and cucumber give this tequila cocktail a flavor that's just as green as its color.

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Spring Tonic

Watercress’s bracing vibrancy makes it an invigorating addition to green juice, especially when paired with a tart apple. A sweeter apple will make a more mellow juice. If you don’t have a juicer, you can make this in a blender and strain it.

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Avocado Green Goddess Dip

This healthy dip uses avocado, rather than sour cream or mayonnaise, as a foundation, with just the right amount of vinegar and buttermilk to balance the fresh herbs. Pair it with pita chips, fresh-baked tortilla chips, or fresh vegetables for dipping.

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Asparagus Soup with Saffron Croutons

The best thing about this creamy soup is that it can be served warm or cool; perfect for unpredictable early-spring weather.

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Forty Shades of Green Salad

A nice starter or side for spring menus, this light, refreshing salad is named for a song by Johnny Cash about Ireland.

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Pea & Mint Soup with Lemon Cream

Frozen peas work just as well as fresh ones in this soup, making it the perfect antidote to spring fever.

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Boiled Asparagus with Salsa Verde

Salsa verde gets its verde from a good amount of fresh parsley, but its punchy flavor comes from lemon juice, anchovies, and capers.

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Spinach & Herb Risotto

To keep the color bright in this creamy risotto, you make a pesto of spinach and fresh herbs, which gets stirred in just before serving.

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Poached Flounder with Mint Beurre Blanc

This classic shallow-poached fish is served with a minty French butter sauce. It’s delicious with a simple rice pilaf and tender green spring vegetables like peas or baby spinach.

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Pea Sauce with Fresh Mint

Fresh or frozen peas and fresh mint turn into a creamy (but cream-free) sauce for simply cooked meats. This sauce is especially good with grilled or seared lamb chops, or flaky white fish.

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Salade aux Lardons Pizza

This salad pizza replicates the flavors of a French bistro salad, complete with a shortcut version of lardons (diced bacon that’s been blanched and fried). Here, the bacon is simply sautéed and then baked on the pizza.

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Spinach Malfatti with Sage Butter

Malfatti is Italian for "poorly made," a reference to the rustic, irregular shape of these spinach dumplings. They're made and cooked much like potato gnoochi, and served in a rich sage-infused butter sauce.

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Minty Melon Granita

You can make this granita with any kind of melon, but honeydew gives it a beautiful two-toned effect with flecks of dark green mint, the perfect light ending for a St. Patrick's Day meal.

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Avocado Frozen Yogurt

Rich, creamy, and the prettiest pale green, this frozen treat is a surprisingly delicious showcase for avocados.

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Honeydew-Cucumber Shake with Cucumber Granita

So pale is this shake's green shade that you could almost call it silver. A cap of luminous, icy, cucumber-flavored granita, even paler green, completes the look.

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Pistachio Brigadeiros

Brigadeiros are Brazilian candies that owe their melt-in-your-mouth texture to sweetened condensed milk, cooked down until it's thick and fudge-like. Though chocolate brigadeiros are the classic, pistachio is a tasty flavor variation.

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