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Homemade Ice Pops

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Keep guests cool at your next cookout or summer cocktail party with a selection of homemade Popsicles. Our boozy chocolate pops make for a decadent, grown-up dessert and our fresh fruity pops are the ultimate frosty treat. Make one of our favorite combos, or create your own icy or creamy pop using the Ice Pop Recipe Maker.


Blackberry-Orange Ice Pops

An infusion of black tea adds a note of complexity to these sweet blackberry pops, with orange segments providing a bright tang.

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Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate Pops

The spiciness of Mexican chocolate (many brands include cinnamon or other spices) lends a little heat to these creamy, coffee-liqueur-spiked ice pops.

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Bellini Pops

The combination of ripe summer peaches and Prosecco makes for a sweet frozen treat that tastes a lot like the popular cocktail.

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Kiwi-Strawberry Ice Pops

The kiwi's black seeds not only make this speckled pop gorgeous, they add a little bit of crunch.

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Mojito Fruit Ice Pops

A little sparkling water and some fresh mint gives these pops a sophisticated "mojito" flair.

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Creamy Orange-Vanilla Ice Pops

Think of these pops as the ultimate homemade Creamsicle: creamy Greek yogurt combines with fresh-squeezed orange juice, with flecks of real vanilla bean.

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Papaya-Tangerine Ice Pops

Tangerine segments add a little tang to this sunset-hued ice pop.

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Paletas de Mango Enchilado

Translation: Spicy Mango Ice Pops. Mango and chile is a common combination in Mexican sweets. The chile powder you use is a matter of taste, and in these pops, it isn't just about the heat; it's also about the flavor.

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Bittersweet Chocolate-Bourbon Pops

Dark chocolate and bourbon make for a truly decadent frozen treat. Since the bourbon doesn't get cooked, it's worth splurging on the high-end stuff.

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Spicy Pineapple-Coconut Ice Pops

A chile-infused syrup adds a little kick of heat to these refreshing pina-colada-on-a-stick ice pops.

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Lemon-Vodka Cream Pops

A splash of citron vodka gives the classic Creamsicle a decidedly adult kick.

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