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Italian Sunday Dinner Ideas

Tuscan Roast Pork

Gather the famiglia for relaxing, hearty meals punctuated by the robust flavors of Italy. Pick from meaty or vegetarian lasagnas, company-worthy osso buco, hearty soups, and of course, classic spaghetti and meatballs.


Classic Chicken Cacciatore

Once browned, the chicken slowly cooks in a tomato sauce infused with fresh herbs and red wine. It's a simple combination that yields deep flavor.

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Italian-Style Beef and Porcini Stew

The mushroom-infused broth from soaking dried porcini is incorporated into this hearty beef stew for more of that earthy flavor.

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Baked Crêpes Cacciatore with Parmesan Cream Sauce

In this comforting casserole, crêpes are filled with a fragrant chicken, tomato, and mushroom mixture, topped with a cheese sauce, and baked.

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Tuscan Roast Pork with Potatoes, Fennel & Parsnips

The potatoes and vegetables are precooked here, so they come out perfectly tender when the pork loin is done. Rosemary, coriander, fennel seeds, and other Tuscan flavors rubbed over the pork season the juice it releases, which creates a delicious jus for serving.

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Beef Braciola Stuffed with Basil and Mozzarella

This is an Italian-American classic with a twist. The traditional dish uses small roulades of beef round, but here we use a whole flank steak because it’s quicker and easier to stuff and roll, and the flank offers a wonderful flavor.

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Short Rib and Dried Porcini Lasagne

This company-worthy lasagne features beef short ribs that are slow-cooked in a hearty tomato sauce until meltingly tender. Béchamel sauce adds creaminess, and porcini mushrooms contribute an earthy note.

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Italian Wedding Soup

Italian wedding soup, or minestra maritata, doesn’t really have much to do with weddings at all. It’s said to get its name from the “marriage” of the ingredients—meat, greens, and noodles or eggs.

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Browned Cauliflower with Anchovies, Olives & Capers

Briny anchovies and sweet, nutty cauliflower are a sublime pairing in this easy, make-ahead side dish.

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Pappardelle with Venetian Duck Ragu

In northern Italy, ragùs tend to be less about tomatoes and more about the meat and aromatic herbs that flavor them. Venetian ragù, for example, is made from the meat of the wild ducks and is perfumed with native bay leaf and fresh sage. This version's deep flavor comes from duck legs and thighs and dry red wine.

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Classic Osso Buco

This dish of slow-braised oxtail is truly sophisticated, but don’t be intimidated. This velvety-tender osso buco doesn't take much hands-on time, nor is the cooking difficult.

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Chicken Soup with White Beans, Farro & Escarole

This Italian take on chicken noodle soup is hearty, earthy, and delicious. Chock full of farro and beans, it feels more stew-like and less brothy.

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Risotto Alla Milanese

The traditional accompaniment to osso buco, this creamy, saffron-scented rice dish also compliments many other Italian meat dishes.

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Spaghetti & Meatballs

Plenty of oregano and a touch of fennel makes these tender meatballs super flavorful. This recipe uses a higher proportion of pork than beef or veal in the meatballs because it gives the best texture, but you can use meatloaf mix if you have it.

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Tuscan-Style Roast Pork

This juicy roast gets rubbed with a garlic, sage, and rosemary paste, then takes a turn on the grill for a flavorful, burnished crust.

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Fennel Layered with Potatoes & Breadcrumbs (Tortiera di Finocchi e Patate)

This layered dish of tender, thinly sliced potatoes and fennel topped with crisp breadcrumbs makes a wonderful side to roast pork or lamb.

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Quick Chicken Parmesan

Crisp chicken cutlets are topped with two cheeses and a super-fast tomato sauce in this easy take on an Italian restaurant favorite.

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Spinach & Ricotta Lasagne

This vegetarian main dish is just as rich and hearty as meat-lover's lasagne, thanks to the creamy ricotta-spinach filling and homemade tomato and bechamel sauces.

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