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Celebrate Pi Day with Pie

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Pi Day may not be a national holiday on the scale of Thanksgiving (the other unofficial Pie Day), but every March 14th, home cooks across the country break out their rolling pins in homage to the mathematical constant 3.14.


Coffee-Toffee Pecan Pie

With notes of butterscotch, espresso, and bourbon, this is a pecan pie like no other.

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Lemon Meringue Pie

If you find this sweet, bright pie, with its billowy signature topping intimidating, you’re not alone. Watch our step-by-step video to avoid the pitfalls associated with Lemon Meringue Pie and perfect this classic in time for Pi Day.

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Fresh Pear Pie with Dried Cherries & Brown Sugar

A hint of spice lets the delicate flavor of the pears shine through, while the dried cherries are a welcome alternative to traditional raisins.

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Chocolate Chiffon Pie

Although it may appear dense and rich, this pie feels light and fluffy in your mouth. It’s not difficult to make and always wins raves.

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Ricotta & Rice Pie

Not every pie needs to be a sweet, fruit pie. This Italian-style ricotta-and-rice pie makes a beautiful dessert for Easter or other special occasions.

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Fresh Raspberry Pie

Fresh Raspberry Pie can be made as one large double-crusted pie, or as good-for-giving tartlets with fun pastry cutouts placed on top.

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Classic Key Lime Pie

This classic includes a flaky pastry crust, billowy whipped-cream topping, and of course a silky, aromatic sweet-tart custard filling. If you can’t find fresh Key limes, you can substitute common lime juice, which will be tart but without the floral notes found in Key limes.

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Parsnip Buttermilk Pie

This may look like pumpkin pie, but it tastes nothing like it—it's sweet and tangy, with a delicate mousse-like texture.

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Lattice-Topped Blueberry Pie

Blueberries are the easiest fruit to turn into pie—just toss them with lemon, sugar, and cornstarch and put in the pie shell.

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Coconut Cream Pie

Even people who say they don't like coconut love this pie. The chocolate cookie crust and the coconut rum set it apart and take this dessert to another level.

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Classic Apple Pie

The filling in this all-American classic is lovely: a blend of sweet Cortlands and tangy Granny Smiths, laced with just enough sugar and spice to make the apples' flavors sing.

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