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Super Quick Appetizer Recipes

30-minute appetizer recipes

Fill your glass, mingle with guests, and relax. These quick appetizers take 30 minutes or less to make and include make-aheads so you’ll have even more time to enjoy the party. Pick a few full-on hors d’ oeuvres for the spread, and round them out with nibbles like spicy-sweet nuts or our no-cook Spanish olives.


Bacon-Wrapped Ginger Soy Scallops

A tablespoon of dark brown sugar adds a little sweetness to counter the salt in these Asian-inspired nibbles.

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Parmigiano-Pistachio Frico

Quite possibly the easiest appetizer you’ll ever make, these delicate cheese crisps are a perfect pre-dinner nibble, ideally with a glass of something sparkling.

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Beer-Battered Coconut Shrimp with Rémoulade Sauce

A shot of hot sauce in the batter counters the sweetness of the shrimp, which get a double dose of crunch from a coating of shredded coconut and panko.

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Spicy Spanish Olives

Get out of the kitchen and into the mix. Prepare a few no-cook options to set out when the party starts. These olives take literally seconds to prepare, and you can make them up to three days ahead.

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Smoked Salmon Rolls

These are precisely the type of hors d’ oeuvres people love to pop in their mouths between sips of chilled wine. A little smoky with a creamy, bright filling, the rolls are easy and quick to assemble.

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Maple & Black Pepper Pecans

These addictive spicy-sweet nuts provide a gentle, pleasing heat and are perfect with cocktails.

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Deviled Eggs with Capers, Red Onion & Dill

These eggs are even more devilish than the classic, thanks to the added zip of chopped capers and raw red onion, balanced by the cooling notes of fresh dill.

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Beer & Cheddar Fondue

You know it’s a party when you break out the fondue pot. This triple-cheese treat is perfect with sourdough or ciabatta cubes, pear and apple slices, carrots and cauliflower, boiled fingerlings, and grilled sliced sausage.

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Hummus with Mellow Garlic & Cumin

You may never buy hummus again. In this version, garlic is gently cooked in olive oil first so it mellows and infuses the oil. Cumin and a touch of soy sauce give the hummus a savory edge.

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Spinach & Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms

These savory mushrooms are hearty and substantive without making you stuffed. The broiler browns the white buttons perfectly while making the filling golden and crisp.

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Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

The sauce in classic party starter is tangy with a kick and takes no time to make. To save time, prepare the shrimp (the most time-consuming part since they’ll need to cool for an hour after cooking) up to 2 days ahead.

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Roasted Red Pepper & Feta Dip

Charred bell peppers make a velvety base for the Mediterranean flavors of feta, dill and garlic in this tasty, good-for-you dip.

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Classic Clams Casino

This iconic-bacon topped appetizer takes only about 30 minutes to make and would be an elegant starter for a dinner party.

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Olive-Oil-Fried Almonds

The almonds and herbs are crisp, salty, and sure to whet your appetite. Canned cocktail nuts don’t hold a candle to these.

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