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fried chicken recipe

With the proliferation of celebrity chefs and molecular gastronomy, some good old classic recipes and techniques have gotten lost in the shuffle. But no matter what is trendy this year or next, these classic recipes, some easy and some challenging, never go out of style. Resolve to make them.


Best-Ever Roast Chicken

This is the classic roast chicken that all cooks should have in their arsenal. One of the secrets to success is starting it out breast-side down, which keeps the breast meat juicy.

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Classic Caesar Salad

Caesar salad seems so simple, but as we all know from ordering it out, its quality can vary tremendously. Learn how to make an excellent one yourself, and you won't have to worry about being disappointed.

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Cheese Omelet

Although this is a simple egg dish, attention must be paid to a few key steps for it to turn out just right: pale on the outside and creamy, just ever so slightly undercooked inside. With practice it can be perfect, and mastering it makes every cook proud.

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Classic Steak au Poivre

 Ready in minutes but such classy flavors. You can tip the pan and ignite the Cognac, or ignite the sauce with a match for an invigorating spectacle. But all these acts of derring-do are unnecessary: you just bring the sauce to a boil for a minute to burn off the alcohol.

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Fettucine with Ragu alla Bolognese

If you are looking for a great meat sauce for pasta, classic Ragù alla Bolognese, made from a combination of ground meats—beef, veal, and pork—and enriched with milk and cream is hard to beat. In this version, mortadella, a smoked beef and pork sausage, brings even more rich flavor to the pot. 

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Classic Fried Chicken

You don't have to be southern to make great fried chicken, especially when you have this foolproof recipe to follow. Though there is crunch in every bite, the chicken remains amazingly moist. Even first-time fryers will have success.

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Classic Eggs Benedict

The key to this brunch classic is delicious simplicity: poached fresh eggs, Canadian bacon, toasted English muffins, and an authentic hollandaise sauce.

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Chocolate Layer Cake

An old-fashioned chocolate layer cake—tall and tantalizing—brings out the kid in all of us, especially when slathered in creamy frosting. The tender crumb and fudgy flavor of this cake puts boxed mixes to shame. make it and you will believe. 

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Making this legendary southern French casserole is definitely a project, but it pays homage to time-honored techniques and pays off with deep flavors and exciting textures. Though humble (it is pork and beans after all), it's the perfect dinner-party dish: impressive, make-ahead, and able to feed a crowd.

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Osso Buco

This is the world’s best make-ahead dish—it tastes amazing on the second day. It's also traditionally accompanied by Classic Risotto alla Milanese.

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