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Sweet and Savory Orange Recipes

Orange Recipes

Oranges inject a bright note of color and flavor to winter dishes, whether it's a zippy citrus salsa over chicken cutlets or fish fillets, a sweet-tart glazed cake, or a knockout custard-and-fruit tart.


Sear-Roasted Halibut with Blood-Orange Salsa

The sear-roasting method forms a gorgeous crust on the halibut while keeping the inside moist. The fish's mild flavor is the perfect vehicle for the blood orange salsa that's bursting with sweet, citrusy flavor. 

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Orange-Almond Upside Down Cake

Almond and orange is a classic flavor combination that never gets old. Here, ground almonds and orange zest are incorporated into the cake batter, while sliced almonds add a toasty crunch to the sliced orange topping.

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Seared Scallops with Blood Orange Shallot Sauce

Though worthy of company, this dish is made with just a few ingredients. Blood orange juice gives the sauce a lovely color, but you could substitute any kind of orange juice as long as it’s freshly squeezed. Serve the scallops over wilted greens or with some herbed couscous.

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Orange and Brown Butter Tart

The nutty brown butter in this tart's custard filling makes a rich counterpoint to the tangy oranges topping it. A mix of blood and navel oranges is gorgeous, but you can use any oranges that are available.

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Fennel, Orange, and Olive Salad

This popular Sicilian salad is made with blood oranges when they are in season, but navel oranges work just as well. I like to bring the salad to the table with the layers intact and toss it at the table.

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Pan-Roasted Chicken Breasts with Orange-Brandy Sauce

A quick soak in an orange juice brine infuses the chicken with lots of flavor. You’ll need a total of about 9 medium oranges for this recipe.

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Orange and Brown Sugar-Glazed Cake with Orange-Flecked Whipped Cream

Surprisingly light and airy, the cake on its own would make a delightful snack or breakfast treat. Brush on the glaze and pile on the whipped cream, though, and you have an impressive dessert.

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Fresh Oranges with Caramel and Ginger

If you serve this pretty dessert soon after assembling it, you'll get bits of crunchy caramel with the orange slices. If you let it sit for a couple of hours, the caramel will dissolve and blend with the orange juices to make a toasty syrup. Both ways are very appealing.

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Orange, Olive, and Onion Focaccia

Sweet, tangy, and salty, this focaccia is hard to stop eating. Depending on the size of your oranges, you may not use all of them. And though it may look like a lot of onion, don’t worry: It shrinks and mellows when baked.

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Breaded Chicken Cutlets with Orange Salsa

Few can resist a crisp fried cutlet. Here, both the meat and the breading are infused with the delicate flavors of orange and thyme. The fruity, colorful salsa complements the rich crust. If you prefer, you can substitute veal or pork cutlets for the chicken.

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Orange, Pear, and Date Salad

Though the jewel-like tones of orange slices scream for attention, the charm of this refreshing salad is its balanced, simple, almost subdued flavors, which beguile with every bite.

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