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  • Bruschetta, Bumped Up a Notch

    This is a great way to savor those (finally) delicious tomatoes you'll find in your market around late spring and early summer. Fresh ricotta adds a bit of creamy richness.

  • Black Bean Confetti Salsa

    Black Bean Confetti Salsa is heartier than the usual tomato salsa—plump beans, spicy chili, sweet corn, and creamy avocado make it hard to resist. Fresh corn on the cob is ideal, but frozen...

  • Prosciutto-Wrapped Caprese Salad Appetizer

    Caprese salad is all about impeccably fresh ingredients, there is no room for compromise when the ingredients are few.

  • A Zesty Pea Soup to Kick Those Winter Blues

    This velvety pea soup is flavored with bright lemon zest and garnished with earthy walnuts. It's an ideal winter pick-me-up.

  • Crab Cakes with Mango-Lime Sauce: Easy Valentine Recipe

    Crab Cakes with Mango-Lime Sauce is a simple, elegant choice for a Valentine dinner as a starter or entrée.  Its crisp exterior and sweet crab with savory spices marries well with the...

  • Super Bowl-Worthy Snack: Avocado Fries

    They're creamy, crunchy, buttery and salty all in one bite. Snack them on their own or dip away!

  • Jalapeno & Gouda Crab Dip

    With tender, sweet crab, creamy Gouda, and heady peppers, this appetizer dip will complement any Super Bowl feast. Serve it as a dip with vegetables and pita chips or use it as a topping for your...

  • Caramelized Onion Dip: Super Bowl Appetizer & More

    This Caramelized Onion Dip is a happy dance just waiting to happen. The aroma of sweet onions as they glistened in the skillet, color and flavor deepening, proved worthy of the patience and ...

  • Five Super Dips for the Super Bowl

    These two twenty-something gals have a super spread of dips, perfect for the big game.

  • Parmesan & Herb Zucchini Sticks

    Crispy coating, fragrant herbs, tender zucchini, and rich marinara create a fabulous vegetable delivery system. Baked to crunchy perfection, Parmesan & Herb Zucchini Sticks are a healthy ...

  • Buffalo Chicken Dip: Super Bowl Party Food

    This recipe is for anyone who would rather keep their hot wing sauce on the chicken and off their fingers (or the remote). Buffalo Chicken Dip has all the flavors we adore about Buffalo wings...

  • Hopefully the Dragon Likes Scallion Pancakes

    Ring in the Chinese New Year with these crispy scallion pancakes. They're perfect on their own, dipped in sauce or wrapped around just about any protein.

  • Tapas Ideas for Your Next Party

    Spanish-style tapas are a great way to entertain. The small plates and individual bites of food pack bold flavors and allow you to try a little bit of everything while comfortably mingling and chatting with friends.

  • A Fresh and Light Take on Roasted Roots

    These balsamic roasted beets and carrots from Sprouted Kitchen are gussied up with a rustic spinach sauce.

  • Thankful Turkey Part Two: Let's Get Cheesy

    With your turkey dinner as the main event on Thanksgiving, why not keep your appetizers simple? All you need are a few interesting cheeses and condiments and you'll be entertaining in no time.

  • Baked Cheese in Pastry

    This incredibly simple and elegant appetizer will definitely become one of your last minute entertaining favorites.  No one will know how easy it is to make if you don't tell them.

  • Goat Cheese with Honey, Aged Balsamic & Pear

    Simple, clean, yet full and harmonious, this combination can be served with crackers or crusty bread as an appetizer, side dish, or dessert. 

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