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  • Apple Walnut Bread [Sprouted Wheat]
    Apple Walnut Bread [Sprouted Wheat]

    Tart-sweet apples and walnuts are a classic combo against a backdrop of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg-the extra apple slices and streusel topping add a wonderfully crisp and chewy texture. For an extra...

  • Recipe #6 - Individual Apple Charlottes
    Recipe #6 - Individual Apple Charlottes

    I had never even heard of a charlotte before I attempted to make this dessert. Very nice but maybe a bit fussy for the result. Luckily I had a biscuit cutter that was exactly the size of the ramekin...

  • Recipe #5 - Almond Cheesecake Apple Bars
    Recipe #5 - Almond Cheesecake Apple Bars

    This are totally enjoyable but probably my least favourite of the 5 recipes thus far. I think the apples to cheesecake ratio was off - not enough cheesecake flavour. I guess I had closer to 3 cups of...

  • Apple-cake

    Shortage of food was probably the main problem of World War II, particularly the winter of 1944/45. Fuit and vegetable producing areas were luckier than the rest of country, since they could make...

  • Truly Cider-y Cider Doughnuts

    On the prowl for apple cider doughnuts that actually taste like apples.

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