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  • Tasty Uses for Cake Scraps

    Find out what tasty treats you can make from left over chocolate cake scraps.

  • Recipe #11 - Pumpkin and Cornmeal Cake with Orange Syrup

    This is really different and delicious! The cornmeal gives a nice texture and the pumpkin and orange combination is stellar. It's quite easy to make, tastes great with or without the syrup and keeps...

  • Norwegian Ring Cake (Kransekake)

    Ring cake or kransekake cake is a traditional Norwegian wedding cake. It is actually an almond based cookie baked into a total of 18 rings of different size and is stacked to form a tower starting from the largest ring to the smallest. The texture is kind of interesting: Crunchy from the outside and chewy from the inside.

  • Toffee Apple Cake

    a warm, autumn dessert! adapted from hungry rabbit

  • Today's Inspiration: Imperfect Marble Cake

    . . .But, boy, the batter was good. The best bloggers don’t always have perfect results, that’s part of what makes them real--and really inspiring.

  • Pastel de Tres Leches

    Rediscover this classic Latin American treat.

  • Over the Rainbow

    Want to bring your own Funfetti to the baking party? Ashley at Not Without Salt can show you how.

  • Apple-cake

    Shortage of food was probably the main problem of World War II, particularly the winter of 1944/45. Fuit and vegetable producing areas were luckier than the rest of country, since they could make...

  • Greek vasilopita, the new year pie.

    Throughout Greece, breads and pies with a coin inside, have been established as a custom on the first day of the year since 9th century. They are generally made in a round shape and can be a common...

  • A Taste of Germany for the Holidays: Christmas Stollen

    The Daring Bakers challenged themselves and made Stollen Wreaths for the December 2010 Challenge.  Forget the mail-order fruitcake and try your hand at this wonderful, holiday bread, using your...

  • Next Up: A Sneak Peek of the October/November Issue

    I'm sharing an early taste of fall; get the recipe for the amazing Brown Butter Pumpkin Layer Cake on the cover of Fine Cooking 107.

  • The Test Kitchen's Tips for How to Bake a Great Cake Every Time

    Whether you’re making one of the cakes from our Cake Fancy article or another favorite recipe, there are several steps you can take to guarantee the best results.

  • A Sneak Peek: Rose's Heavenly Cakes

    Get the recipe for one of the cakes demonstrated by Rose Levy Beranbaum at the Epicurean Classic.

  • The light at the end of the (cake) tunnel - update

    Adventures in troubleshooting a problem pound cake...

  • cake flour

    Cake flour contains less protein than all-purpose flour and forms weaker gluten, which means it will produce a more tender product.

  • compressed yeast

    Not as widely available as other yeast products, fresh yeast is sold refrigerated in foil-wrapped blocks and cubes.

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