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  • Barbecued Tri-Tip

    Tri-tip is a very tender cut of beef from the bottom sirloin. Depending on where you live it may not be readily available, but the secret is getting out. This extremely thick, well-marbled cut has a tremendous, rich flavor that steak-lovers crave.

  • Hawaiian Luau Pulled Pork

    Pulled Pork is quite easy to learn how to do. This recipe makes it even easier and completely foolproof. This is a great combinitions of techniques shared by a competition barbecue team and friend...

  • Game Day Ribs

    Game Day Ribs are amazing barbecued ribs that will make you think you've died and gone to heaven. This recipe is for baby back ribs (loin back) or St. Louis cut ribs (trimmed spare ribs).

  • Pulled Pork in 1 Hour in the Pressure Cooker

    I love pulled pork, especially in sandwiches slathered in barbecue sauce.  It's what I get almost every time we go out to eat at a BBQ place.  When we got a Pork Butt in our CSA box, I knew...

  • Chipotle Bacon Bombs on a Stick

    Patti and I are still working on a few treats to serve “Off the Grill”. We will be at the Weekly Tasting Event at Craft Brewing Company in Lake Elsinore, Ca. Can’t wait, it sounds like fun with plenty of good beer involved so we are right on it. With us, it has to be something smoked off the grill. A great start for anything we come up with. How about Chipotle Bacon Bombs on a Stick? We let our “Crash Test Dummies” try these out and they were a huge hit. There were no survivors…and no need for the main course. We all could have just eaten these for hours.

  • Grill-lympics

      Trick or Treat, grill these chilies with a chunk of aged monterey jack tucked inside. They make a spicy treat on halloween.  On halloween we fire up the little smokey joe BBQ on...

  • Grill-lympics: BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches--Smoked Flavor From the Grill

    Grilling chicken on cedar planks turns out a succulent smoky chicken, perfect for BBQ sandwiches.  Chicken thighs render a good amount of tender meat, easy to pull and pair with a tangy homemade...

  • MOINKebabs

    Dead simple to make, and sure to please, MOINK (Moo+Oink=MOINK) Balls not only are guest favorites but lead to interesting conversations that start with statements like “nice balls you got...

  • Garlic Sausage, Purple Cauliflower & Green Bean Grilled Pizza

    This pizza was inspired by the beautiful purple cauliflower and fresh garlic sausage from one of our favorite gourmet markets, Bristol Farms in La Jolla.  We also had a few  leftover...

  • All American Cookouts

    The cure for the average American BBQ. Six menus starring regional fare from across the nation.

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