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  • Sponge cake with cheese curd

    Very delicate and refreshing cake. Perfect for summer season. Although at first glance seems complicated, I'm sure each of you can handle it. Well at least give advice to eat them :).

  • Old-fashioned Buttery Boston Cake with Sherry

    With all the charm of an 1850's recipe for Boston Cake kicked up with sherry and decorated with heirloom vanilla custard frosting!

  • Why Flour a Cake Pan?

    Many cake recipes instruct you to butter a cake pan and then flour it. We all know the butter stops the cake from sticking, but what does the flour do?

  • banana oatmeal snack cake

    Easy, healthy, moist sheet cake for breakfast or snacking using greek yogurt and oatmeal.

  • The Most Beautiful Cake in the World

    It may not be covered in flowers and fondant, but this cake is rustic, beautiful and unlike most other baked treats.

  • Ginger Spice Cake with Warm Cranberries

    Take the chill off this holiday season with Tyler Florence's Ginger Spice Cake, served with warm cranberries and whipped cream. Booze up the cranberries and/or whipped cream with a little Luxardo...

  • Hot Chocolate Poached Pears

    Hot Chocolate Poached Pears, poached in holiday spices, chocolate, and dark rum, served with Graham Cracker Pound Cake and Blood Orange Sorbet

  • Black Glutinous Rice Chiffon Cake

    Gluten free cake made from black glutinous rice flour and coconut milk.

  • Orange Ginger Tea Cake: [Gluten & Grain Free]

    I call this a tea cake because the crumb is more like a muffin or snack cake than a dessert cake. Bits of crystallized ginger are the highlight in almost every bite against a backdrop of fragrant...

  • Ultimate Autumn: Apple Cider Donuts

    If there's one thing I love about fall it's apple cider donuts. There's nothing like a fresh, hot, cakey ring to dip in some spiced cider on a crisp fall afternoon.

  • 6-Layer Mocha Cake Drizzled with Ganache

    The Princess Kate Cake -- a vintage recipe of chocolate mocha torte layered with mocha buttercream frosting then drizzled in chocolate ganache!

  • Tasty Uses for Cake Scraps

    Find out what tasty treats you can make from left over chocolate cake scraps.

  • Red Wine Glazed Pear and Vanilla Cake

    If you've never used red wine to glaze a cake you are in for a real treat! This red wine glaze made with Barbaresco red wine is used to drench a pear and vanilla cake that will make you very happy.

  • Grapefruit-Tangerine Cake

    Grapefruit-Tangerine Cake, made with a Oro Blanco Grapefruits and Perfection Tangerines, from my weekly Farmers' Market Bag. 

  • Finding My Christmas Spirit

    I think I just found my Christmas spirit...Grappa enhances this crumbly, Italian torte called Fregolotta, and is also served alongside.  Fregolotta s a crumbly, cracker-like confection from...

  • Walnut Turtle Pie

    This Walnut Turtle Pie is a signature dessert from Fleming's Prime Steakhouse.  It is so chocolaty, rich, decadent, gooey, and incredible! 

  • Recipe #11 - Pumpkin and Cornmeal Cake with Orange Syrup

    This is really different and delicious! The cornmeal gives a nice texture and the pumpkin and orange combination is stellar. It's quite easy to make, tastes great with or without the syrup and keeps...

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