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  • Pink Chicken: Always a Menace?
    Pink Chicken: Always a Menace?

    We're told, when cooking chicken, to cook it thoroughly to make it safe. Why do we do that, and is it always necessary?

  • Roasting a Chicken Well
    Roasting a Chicken Well

    A few of the why's and how's of roasting a chicken and having it come out properly.

  • The Application of Salt
    The Application of Salt

    Salt is one of the most important ingredients in all of cooking. When it is applied is often more important than how much is applied. Here is a grand tour of salt and its applications.

  • Proper use of basil as a stuffing

    Basil is the King of Herbs, and it's the right time to use it in foods. This week, we explore what it goes well with, and how to maximize its flavor.

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