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  • Sesame cookies
    Sesame cookies

    This is my classic sesame cookies recipe with slightly reduced amount of sugar and two types of sesame seeds. These cookies are really delicious, buttery inside and coated with a nice crunchy sesame shell. Enjoy my sesame cookies you cookie monsters!

  • Slice and Serve Biscotti
    Slice and Serve Biscotti

    Quick to put together, everyone loves them, ready made in the freezer when needed, festive for christmas with the red and green candied peel.

  • Aunt Marthas Gingerbread Cookies 2009
    Aunt Martha's Gingerbread Cookies 2009

    Gingerbread cookies don't have to be limited to holiday shapes. This year I was inspired to make Gingerbread Cats after a year of volunteering for a feline rescue organization. Whatever the shape...

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