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  • Artisan Sourdough Bread
    Artisan Sourdough Bread

    A gorgeous rosemary infused sourdough bread - no yeast, no fuss!

  • Why You Need a Bench Knife
    Why You Need a Bench Knife

    A bench knife, also known as a pastry scraper, is a straight-edged metal rectangle with a handle along one side.

  • The Deal with Bread Dough
    The Deal with Bread Dough

    Different types of doughs require different techniques, and sometime familiarity with one dough's method takes you down the wrong path with another type of dough.

  • Salt: Pasta and Water

    We salt our pasta water because our pasta is unsalted, but why is our pasta unsalted?

  • Bake Your Own Burger Buns

    Treat your guests to delicious homemade burger buns during the rest of your holiday festivities this weekend.

  • Basic, Beautiful Pizza All Summer Long

    This simple pizza dough will carry you through the entire summer with endless pizza possibilities.

  • Grandma Matson's Sexy Cinnamon Rolls Made 5 Ways!

    Step by step photo recipe for mouth-watering vintage cinnamon rolls!

  • A Batch of Beignets for Fat Tuesday

    These light, fluffy puffs of fried dough are a classic Mardi Gras treat, especially if you're giving up sweets later this week.

  • How to Shape Knotted Dinner Rolls

    Follow these simple steps to shaping the dough and your buttery dinner rolls will look just as beautiful as the ones the pros make.

  • Beignets with Gourmet Dunking Sauces - Indulge before Mardi Gras!

    Home from New Orleans for exactly one week, before succumbing to homemade beignets. Thank you, Cafe Du Monde, you have ruined us! And, of course, we also brewed up some of your Coffee & Chicory...

  • Pizza Dough

    This pizza dough requires very little mixing and no kneading. Best of all--it's delicious!

  • Gluten: In Depth

    My discussions of gluten, including those in the Kitchen Mysteries, have some handwaving and vagueness when discussing the process, which leads to not knowing why some basic things happen. Let's clear up some of that vagueness to learn why, for example, dough needs to rest.

  • Ultimate Pizza Dough

    The Fine Cooking Special Issue - Real Italian - features and awesome pizza dough recipe

  • The Second Rise

    When baking bread, you're often asked to allow bread to rise, then punch it down and let it rise again. Why go through all that trouble? What does this "second rise" do for the bread?

  • The components of Pie Crust

    When thinking of baking pie, people tend not to fear the filling; after all, filling is a relatively simple creature, mostly concerned with flavor and binding up the liquid in some sort of saucy structure. The crust, though; the crust inspires wonder and caution. This inspired me to look into what makes up a good pie crust.

  • Sunken Sourdough Sadness

    Is there a special touch needed to make sourdough bread rise? Is there perhaps some special music or proper colored light that will convince the yeast to make their magic? Probably not, but there are ways to encourage bread to rise properly.

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