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  • Episode 8: Stamped Cake Designs
    Episode 8: Stamped Cake Designs

    Lots of people think that to create an elaborate cake design, they need to be an artist. Not so! Even if you can’t draw a stick figure, you can still create a gorgeous cake, with the help of rubber stamps. Watch this video to learn how.

  • Episode 6: Fruit Leather Decorations
    Episode 6: Fruit Leather Decorations

    In this video, Erin Gardner will show you how to make fruit leather decorations for a gorgeous, festive cake.

  • Episode 7: Simple Fondant Shapes
    Episode 7: Simple Fondant Shapes

    This video demonstrates how to make some of the most basic fondant shapes—ribbons, bows, and coiled ribbon roses.

  • Episode 4: Fondant-Coated Cake

    Covering a cake in fondant gives it a beautiful smooth finish, the perfect blank canvas for decorations.

  • Episode 3: Buttercream Effects

    If you don't want to cover your cake with fondant, there are many decorations you can make with some basic buttercream and a piping bag. This video demonstrates how to create some of the most popular buttercream decorations, including pearls, ruffles, and rosettes.

  • Cake Decorating with Erin Gardner (Series Intro)

    Pastry chef Erin Gardner is one sweet genius...literally! She competed on the Food Network’s Sweet Genius and won. As the owner of Wild Orchid Baking Company in New Hampshire, she creates gorgeous custom cakes for weddings and parties all over coastal New England. And now she’s sharing her secrets with us.

  • Episode 1: Leveling and Splitting Layer Cakes

    The most beautiful cake decorations will be lost on your guests if they are distracted by a cake that’s lopsided or lumpy. This video demonstrates to build a great base for your cake: how to level, split and layer the cakes with filling so that they are straight and sturdy.

  • Episode 2: Crumb Coat for Fondant Cakes

    The whole point of covering a cake in fondant is to give it a perfectly smooth surface to decorate. But if you lay that fondant right over a bare cake, you'll get lumps, bumps, and color showing...

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