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  • Ice Cream Issues

    In an effort to make ice cream that's not as bad for you, how far can you go before things go wrong?

  • Roasting a Chicken Well

    A few of the why's and how's of roasting a chicken and having it come out properly.

  • The Purpose of Sifting

    The whys of sifting, and a better way to accomplish sifting without using a sifter.

  • Raw Food

    Uncooked ingredients can be beautiful. They can also make a really nice dress.

  • How to Cook with Duck and Goose Fat

    A nice little bonus came out of testing the recipes for roasted duck and goose: lots of rendered duck and goose fat.

  • The components of Pie Crust

    When thinking of baking pie, people tend not to fear the filling; after all, filling is a relatively simple creature, mostly concerned with flavor and binding up the liquid in some sort of saucy structure. The crust, though; the crust inspires wonder and caution. This inspired me to look into what makes up a good pie crust.

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