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  • Fat Diminisher Review
    Fat Diminisher Review

    The Fat Diminisher method was developed by physical fitness trainer and weight loss expert, Wesley Virgin.

  • Two Methods for Degreasing a Stew
    Two Methods for Degreasing a Stew

    Here are two effective ways to remove excess fat from your stews.

  • Cast Iron Seasoning
    Cast Iron Seasoning

    Contradictory advice abounds on seasoning cast iron, so we look at what goes on when you season to figure out the best way to do it.

  • The Swing-A-Way Fat Separator

    Amco's spoutless fat separator solves the problem traditional spouted fat separators have.

  • Ice Cream Issues

    In an effort to make ice cream that's not as bad for you, how far can you go before things go wrong?

  • Roasting a Chicken Well

    A few of the why's and how's of roasting a chicken and having it come out properly.

  • The Purpose of Sifting

    The whys of sifting, and a better way to accomplish sifting without using a sifter.

  • Raw Food

    Uncooked ingredients can be beautiful. They can also make a really nice dress.

  • How to Cook with Duck and Goose Fat

    A nice little bonus came out of testing the recipes for roasted duck and goose: lots of rendered duck and goose fat.

  • The components of Pie Crust

    When thinking of baking pie, people tend not to fear the filling; after all, filling is a relatively simple creature, mostly concerned with flavor and binding up the liquid in some sort of saucy structure. The crust, though; the crust inspires wonder and caution. This inspired me to look into what makes up a good pie crust.

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