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  • Be Careful When Cooking Food
    Be Careful When Cooking Food

    Plenty of space away from the crowded, noisy city for an establishment with ample parking space; clean, fresh, cooler air; cheaper land prices; and ambience – especially rice-field and Mt. Merapi...

  • Easy Crockpot Beef
    Easy Crockpot Beef

    In the winter, it’s easy to go for the junk food. The earlier darkness and the cold weather make it tough to keep your energy up.

  • Artsy Food to Make Kids Try Anything
    Artsy Food to Make Kids Try Anything

    Parents, rejoice! Let your kids play with their food and they just might start liking their fruits and veggies.

  • Stink Bean Fried Rice

    Nasi goreng pete or stink bean fried rice. This typically Indonesia fried rice with soy sauce and stink bean.

  • Onion Pancakes with Five Spices

    An easy step-by-step homemade Chinese onion pancake.

  • I'm Thankful for Bloggers

    A thank you to all of those bloggers who have made this blog happen!

  • Foodimentary

    If you like big pretty pictures, quick, interesting reads and tidbits, all wrapped up in a fun loving atmosphere then you want to check out Foodimentary.com.

  • Go see Food, Inc.

    If you eat (and you know you do), you need to know where your food is coming from.

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