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  • A Lovely Labor Day Libation

    This watermelon soda float is a great drink to serve at your Labor Day cookout this weekend. Think of it as one last ode to summer.

  • Bake Your Own Burger Buns

    Treat your guests to delicious homemade burger buns during the rest of your holiday festivities this weekend.

  • Finding My Christmas Spirit

    I think I just found my Christmas spirit...Grappa enhances this crumbly, Italian torte called Fregolotta, and is also served alongside.  Fregolotta s a crumbly, cracker-like confection from...

  • An Easy Equation for Gourmet Granola

    And a food-lover's gift guide too!

  • Holiday Cocoa to Gift or Keep

    There's nothing like giving a homemade gift for the holidays, especially when it's hot cocoa. This version incorporates maple sugar for a depth of flavor unlike traditional hot cocoa mixes.

  • Grandma's Molasses Cookies

    Great Grandma's molasses cookie recipe passed down four generations, gets a modern update with a white chocolate finish. This recipe yields 9 dozen cookies, so there is plenty for giftgiving...

  • Pressure Cooker Cranberry Braised Turkey Wings

    Poultry wings don't get much respect - they are small, bony and often chucked into stock.  Turkey wings, because of their size, are the exception. The meat from a turkey wing is equivalent to...

  • Espresso Cinnamon Toast Shortbread Cookies

    Shortbread Cookies, My Way...with espresso and cinnamon-sugar added to the basic recipe...from the current issue of Fine Cooking.

  • SOUP WEEK: Chicken Sauce Piquant, in Celebration of Mardi Gras

    Chicken Sauce Piquant from Chef Donald Link's Real Cajun. It's a classic Cajun dish and a perfect example of one-pot cooking. Piquant means "spicy," but in Cajun cooking it also refers to a certain...

  • Classic French Onion Soup

    A warming classic to enjoy in the heart of winter: French Onion Soup.

  • A Taste of Germany for the Holidays: Christmas Stollen

    The Daring Bakers challenged themselves and made Stollen Wreaths for the December 2010 Challenge.  Forget the mail-order fruitcake and try your hand at this wonderful, holiday bread, using your...

  • Pumpkin Gorgonzola Flans

    Where was this recipe when I was planning the menu in preparation for catering my friend's holiday party? It was hiding out in a fabulous cookbook I had yet to buy - Dorie Greenspan's Around My...

  • Torta di Sant' Antonio - Apple and Red Wine Crostata

    This gorgeous, rustic, Italian crostata is from the Alpine village of Oulx. It's made with apples, red wine, cinnamon, and orange zest, and pairs beautifully with whipped cream or vanilla ice...

  • Green Appletinis for the Holidays!

    Green Appletinis are a festive cocktail to serve to family and friends during the holiday season!

  • Ginger and Pomegranate Martini

    John and I recently dined at Nobu, San Diego, and sipped on a couple of these lovelies while waiting for our friends to arrive. We chatted with the bartender, who shared the interesting combination...

  • Cook the Issue 2010: Holidays, Sparkling Sidecar

    Starting a party with a sparkling cocktail is a fabulous way to get things rolling.  We served these for the Wellington party and they were delicious and so festive.  I also tried a couple...

  • French Pumpkin Soup

    This French Pumpkin Soup is made from a Galeux d'Eysines Heirloom Pumpkin.  I adapted the recipe from The ex (Expatriate's) Kitchen blog.  This soup's rich flavor comes from the bright...

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