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  • The Deal with Bread Dough
    The Deal with Bread Dough

    Different types of doughs require different techniques, and sometime familiarity with one dough's method takes you down the wrong path with another type of dough.

  • A Meal Any Mom Would Love
    A Meal Any Mom Would Love

    This Mother's Day, make your mom a beautiful brunch she'll never forget.

  • A Batch of Beignets for Fat Tuesday
    A Batch of Beignets for Fat Tuesday

    These light, fluffy puffs of fried dough are a classic Mardi Gras treat, especially if you're giving up sweets later this week.

  • Italian Plum Tart

    I made this beautiful Italian Plum Tart for a Roman cuisine themed picnic.  It's made with Italian plums I found at our local Farmers' Market that morning. Italian plums, sometimes...

  • Ultimate Greek Salad in an Edible Phyllo Salad Serving Bowl

    The Daring Cooks were challenged to create unique edible containers with savory fillings.  Although I've seen small phyllo cups or bowls, I've never seen one large enough to hold a salad for...

  • Beignets with Gourmet Dunking Sauces - Indulge before Mardi Gras!

    Home from New Orleans for exactly one week, before succumbing to homemade beignets. Thank you, Cafe Du Monde, you have ruined us! And, of course, we also brewed up some of your Coffee & Chicory...

  • Salmon Pot Pie

    A warm comfort food dish with a creamy sauce, fresh dill and salmon.

  • A Food Tour of Paris' Montmartre Neighborhood

    A Food Tour of Paris' Montmartre Neighborhood, including where to find the freshest oysters.

  • Torta di Sant' Antonio - Apple and Red Wine Crostata

    This gorgeous, rustic, Italian crostata is from the Alpine village of Oulx. It's made with apples, red wine, cinnamon, and orange zest, and pairs beautifully with whipped cream or vanilla ice...

  • My Kind of Half Marathon

    CakeSpy takes readers on a 13+ mile, pastry-driven trek down New York City's most iconic avenue.

  • The Croquembundt

    The Food Librarian bakes up endless variations of extraordinary bundt cakes.

  • Hungarian Walnut Roll by Helen M. Radics

    Hungarian Walnut Roll is a very traditional Christmas pastry on the table of every Hungarian household during this warm family holiday. Create a new tradition for your family during this Christmas with this easy to follow, wonderful roll.

  • Jam-Filled Ricotta Pastries - Sharing the Tuscan Tradition

    Jam-Filled Ricotta Pastries, from Twelve: A Tuscan Cookbook.  Use your own homemade jam, or a nice gourmet jam from the market, for these Tuscan "Pop-Tarts."  Lovely for dessert, morning...

  • Baked Custard Tarts

    After making David Leite's Orange and Pine Nut Cookies, featured in Fine Cooking, I went out and bought his cookbook, The New Portuguese Table. We just enjoyed several of his recipes at our...

  • Fine Cooking's Free-Form Pear Tart with Almond and Cinnamon

    The Daring Bakers' Challenge of the month was Vols-au-Vent.  With the leftover dough, I made these Free-Form Pear Tarts from Fine Cooking #84, and Gale Gand.  I loved the almond paste...

  • Ham and Cheese Croissants

    I'm not as big of a fan of the savory croissants as the sweet ones, but still, this tasted pretty good.  I used thin-sliced black forest ham and some cheddar cheese as a swap-in for the swiss...

  • Chocolate Croissants

    Mmmmm.. chocolate.  Nothing brings a gal back to Paris like the bite of a buttery, melty chocolate croissant.  I could eat these every day... if they didn't take 3 days to make...

  • Classic Croissants

    For those who were intimidated by this recipe: it can be done.  But it is kind of nerve wracking if you go into it scared and unsure of yourself, as I did.  After step one (mix the dough...

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