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  • my potato salad
    my potato salad

    Create a creamy or vinaigrette-dressed potato salad

  • Herb Potato Salad
    Herb Potato Salad

    Create a creamy or vinaigrette-dressed potato salad

  • Roasted Potato with Spinach Salad
    Roasted Potato with Spinach Salad

    Here’s a confession: I love potatoes. If you’d like to be friends with me, then you have to love potatoes too or at least know how to appreciate their fine taste. I know that many people go crazy over this fine tuber but I’d like to believe I’m on the first page if there’s any list of people who fancy eating potatoes. Potatoesssss! However deep my gastronomic connection to potatoes is, I’d have to admit, though, that there are also a few health concerns that are raised regarding them. Studies show that potatoes affect blood sugar levels. This can be attributed to potatoes’ high glycemic index. Glycemic index measures how a certain food affects blood sugar levels compared to glucose. According to Joslin Diabetes Center, potatoes have a bigger impact on blood sugar levels than table sugar. However, when served plain and without any butter, mayonnaise, and oil, potatoes actually have some nutritional value. They are a good source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins A and B. Whatever, I’d still take potatoes any day of the week. Processed potato products such as store-bought French fries might have to be ticked off of the list as they contain more sodium than unprocessed home-made ones. So if you still like to enjoy eating potatoes as much as the next guy, take a look this simple and healthy potato recipe.

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