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  • Rum for the Holidays

    Aged rum and apricot liqueur aren't your typical holiday cocktail ingredients.

  • A Bit of Panama, a Bit of France

    This rum-based cocktail also contains a touch of cognac.

  • Hot Chocolate Poached Pears

    Hot Chocolate Poached Pears, poached in holiday spices, chocolate, and dark rum, served with Graham Cracker Pound Cake and Blood Orange Sorbet

  • The Mojito Grows Up

    The Old Cuban is a sophisticated Mojito variation made with dark rum and champagne.

  • El Presidente: A Cuban Classic Cocktail

    This Cuban cocktail with rum, vermouth, and grenadine or curacao has unclear origins.

  • The Improved Cuba Libre

    Fancy up your Rum and Coke with a couple of other ingredients.

  • 1 dozen rummy oatmeal cookies

    Raisins soaked in rum, stirred into a buttery rich oatmeal cookie dough.

  • A New Use For Coconut Rum

    Sure, orange juice and coconut rum go together. But throw some Benedictine and ginger beer into the mix and you've got a more sophisticated sipper.

  • Coconut Cream and the Pina Colada

    When making a Pina Colada it is helpful to know the difference between coconut water, coconut milk, coconut cream, and cream of coconut.

  • Better Than Sex Cake (for two)

    You can change the name of this cake to Heavenly Delight Cake, if it makes you blush. This cake is an old fashioned yellow cake, soaked in pineapple syrup and topped with rum whipped cream and toasted coconut.

  • The Classic Ramos Gin Fizz and a Modern Variation

    The New Orleans classic drink the Ramos Gin Fizz gets an update from a French bartender.

  • Tall, Dark, and Tasty

    Over a tall, refreshing cocktail, we discuss the difference between dark rum and aged rum.   Lime BumbooBy John Deragon1 1/2 ounces Zacapa 23 Rum1/2 ounce orange liqueur1 ounce lime brown sugar syrup*1 ounce waterLime wedge for garnishNutmeg for garnish*To make lime brown sugar...

  • Artisanal Rum

    With a rich, butterscotch flavor, Berkshire Mountain Distiller’s rum has a dryness that’s pure pleasure in a glass.

  • Mulled Cider/Hot Toddy/Wassail

    Makes 8 cups Ingredients: 64 oz. apple cider (or juice) 12 whole allspice berries 6 cinnamon sticks 8 cardamom pods 6 whole cloves dash of nutmeg-optional small amount of brown sugar-optional 6...

  • Carrot & Rum Ice Cream

    Made using a basic ice cream custard base (5 egg yolks, 1 cup milk, 3/4 cup sugar) with the addition of 3 small grated carrots and 1/3 cup rum. The custard was boiled down 'til it sticks to the back...

  • Blast from the Past

    Discovering cocktails from the 1950s

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