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  • Sugar Free Shortbread
    Sugar Free Shortbread

    Fancy some shortbread but the sugar is putting you off? I've got the perfect recipe for you!

  • Ultimate Autumn: Apple Cider Donuts
    Ultimate Autumn: Apple Cider Donuts

    If there's one thing I love about fall it's apple cider donuts. There's nothing like a fresh, hot, cakey ring to dip in some spiced cider on a crisp fall afternoon.

  • Sweet Choices
    Sweet Choices

    Ellie Krieger demonstrates smart ways to cut down on refined sugar.

  • ice cream

    i love ice cream this is my mom's recipe

  • Muffin/Cupcake Taxonomy

    What's the difference between a muffin and a cupcake?

  • Like Sugar for Butter

    When canning food, such as fruit butters, for long-term storage, safety is critical. Is sugar a factor in that safety?

  • Annie Laurie's Famous Cold Oven Pound Cake

    BEST pound cake you ever want to eat!

  • Corn Syrup vs. High Fructose Corn Syrup

    What's the difference between the corn syrup that you get for baking and high fructose corn syrup? And what's the big deal about that stuff, anyways?

  • Bread: Delicate Crumb and Hearty Crust

    We've discussed gluten quite a bit, but how can we make use of that knowledge to make some artisan bread?

  • Pink Chicken: Always a Menace?

    We're told, when cooking chicken, to cook it thoroughly to make it safe. Why do we do that, and is it always necessary?

  • Kosher vs. Table Salt

    A lot of people make a fuss about using kosher salt instead of table salt. Here is the why of it, and an in-depth look at crystals.

  • The Magic of Maple Substitution

    There must be some changes to a baking recipe using maple syrup instead of sugar, right? Indeed there are.

  • One egg at a time

    A standard step with the creaming method of cake preparation is to add the eggs one at a time and fully incorporate before adding the next egg. But… why?

  • The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

    The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe I've ever had.

  • Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

    Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

  • Double or Nothing Jam

    Why does the label on the pectin box warn against making a double-batch of jam, and is there anything that can be done to remedy the situation?

  • Saving Garlic from Sprouts

    Garlic is a wonderful addition to many foods, but it seems like it's a lot easier to find bad garlic than good garlic. Find out what causes garlic to lose its wonderfulness and how to prevent that from happening.

  • Cooking Eggs with Sugar Alone

    Occasionally vague and/or strange cooking advice lurks around every corner. Can you cook an egg with sugar alone? And not hot, candy-making sugar, but normal, room temperature sugar? Could be.

  • How is sugar wet?

    Follow enough baking recipes, and you'll see the instructions that sugar is to be treated as a wet ingredient. Clearly, if you were dropped into a big pile of sugar, you would not be covered in liquid. Learn why it's considered a wet ingredient.

  • Like syrup for candy

    Is a syrup a syrup for candy-making, or does the origin of the sweet liquid make a difference?

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