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  • Freezer Burn

    A surprising find in a freezer and why it's safe from dehydration

  • Stale Irony

    The refrigerator is supposed to keep our food fresh for longer, but some claim that putting bread in the refrigerator makes it go stale faster. Read on to learn what's going on, how to prevent it, and how to fix it (sometimes).

  • Simmer vs. Boil 202: The Master Class

    Why does heating to a full boil make it hard to simmer afterwards? Why does stirring a simmering pot cause it to stop simmering? And, most importantly, why does a watched pot never boil?

  • Bain of the Cheesecake

    When making a cheesecake, is the water bath, also known as the bain-marie, the best way to go? Why do we even need to bathe a cheesecake?

  • Shortening vs. Butter in Cookies

    Butter is such a flavorful fat, and everything made with butter is better. So why use shortening?

  • Roasting a Chicken Well

    A few of the why's and how's of roasting a chicken and having it come out properly.

  • Now we're cooking with cell phones!

    Can you cook popcorn with a cell phone?

  • Resting Meat

    Another bit of popular cooking wisdom is that you need to rest your meat before cutting, so it will "re-absorb its juices." What does that really mean?

  • The Convection Changeover

    There are always pitfalls when working in an unfamiliar kitchen, but how much worse to have a completely new cooking method?

  • The Cake Bump

    An uneven surface at the top of the cake is not uncommon. Here we take a look at ways to mitigate, prevent, and/or fix the problem.

  • Converting Measurements

    How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon? Will this be a one-word answer?

  • Too Hot for Hollandaise

    How temperature, ingredients, and technique interact in distinguishing a hollandaise from a mess of scrambled eggs, butter, and lemon.

  • Ingredient Temperatures

    Think it doesn’t matter if your butter and eggs are room temperature or right out of the fridge? Think again.

  • The light at the end of the (cake) tunnel - update

    Adventures in troubleshooting a problem pound cake...

  • Degrees of Boiling

    Sometimes recipe authors like to add a little pizzazz to their descriptions, and sometimes what's written means something important. This week, we explore the possibilities of different kinds of boiling, bringing back a metaphor from articles past.

  • Cracking the Boiled Egg Mystery

    Is a boiled egg hard to peel because I don't know how the proper technique, or is it because I don't make the egg properly in the first place?

  • How hot is the oven?

    Ovens are notorious liars when it comes to reporting their operating temperatures. Sure, you could buy a thermometer to verify what your oven tells you, but how much do you trust your thermometer?

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