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  • Turkey In A Hole

    Bored with oven-roasting your holiday bird? Try Poor Girl Gourmet's technique—all you need is a shovel, some fire, and beer...lots of beer.

  • How to Bone Turkey Breast and Thighs

    Turkey thighs and whole turkey breasts are most often sold bone-in and skin-on, so you'll need a boning knife and a little know-how to prepare these cuts for recipes.

  • How to Make Gravy for a Brined Turkey

    Pan juices are usually the backbone of turkey gravy, but gravy made only with the juices from a brined bird is bound to come out too salty. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem.

  • The Swing-A-Way Fat Separator

    Amco's spoutless fat separator solves the problem traditional spouted fat separators have.

  • Korean Burrito Bowl

    Beans, turkey, and figs slow-cooked in a spicy, flavorful Korean sauce. Serve it any way you would serve your favorite chili or refried beans!

  • The Application of Salt

    Salt is one of the most important ingredients in all of cooking. When it is applied is often more important than how much is applied. Here is a grand tour of salt and its applications.

  • Turkey Redux

    The Christmas turkey makes a curtain call. Not once, but four times.

  • A Thanksgiving Menu in Minutes

    Haven't finished planning your Thanksgiving Menu? Use the Menu Maker to choose your recipes, and the work's done for you.

  • Answers to Your Burning Turkey Questions

    Got Thanksgiving turkey questions? Forget the hotline, look it up here first.

  • You Want Me to Stick it Where?

    You judge a turkey's doneness by putting the thermometer in the thickest part of the thigh. Where exactly is that?

  • Gobble This Up: Fresh, Local Turkey

    Are you ordering a local turkey this year?

  • The Bird Is Not the Word

    What do you make for Thanksgiving when you can't stand turkey?

  • Tuna or Turkey Salad Sandwiches

    Great for leftover turkey- classic tuna or turkey salad sandwich or one with a few twists

  • Smoky Sweet Potato Turkey Soup

    If you're craving turkey and sweet potatoes but want to keep the calories down, this is for you: Smoky Sweet Potato Turkey Soup.

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