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  • Separating Eggs Successfully
    Separating Eggs Successfully

    Here are a few tips for separating egg whites from yolks.

  • Hollowed Egg and Egg Balance
    Hollowed Egg and Egg Balance

    Easter is coming, so we have a doubly-eggy set of questions: how to hollow out an egg, and the timeliness of balancing an egg.

  • A Bad Egg
    A Bad Egg

    There's quite a bit of mystery around eggs. Because of the effort to simplify when things go bad, there's some mystery about that, too. Let's see if we can't clarify things a bit.

  • Cooking Eggs with Sugar Alone

    Occasionally vague and/or strange cooking advice lurks around every corner. Can you cook an egg with sugar alone? And not hot, candy-making sugar, but normal, room temperature sugar? Could be.

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