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How to Make Cheesecake (and Make it Your Own)

Learn the to master the basic creamy cheesecake and you're ready to start improvising with your own mix-ins, crust, and toppings. Our video and Recipe Maker make it simple.

Length: 2:27
Produced By: Sarah Breckenridge; Videography by Gary Junken and Michael Dobsevage; editing by Cari Delahanty

The key to a perfectly creamy cheesecake is getting the proportions just right between eggs, sugar, and cream cheese, and not overmixing or overbaking. Once you master these basics, there are dozens of ways to vary it up. In this video, you'll learn how to make the basic recipe with a light, creamy filling and tender crust, step by step, plus dozens of ways to customize your cheesecake with different flavors.

Recipe Maker
Want to customize your cheesecake recipe even further? Use the Cheesecake Recipe Maker. You choose your cookie crust, flavorings, and toppings, and the recipe maker gives you a full recipe with exact amounts and instructions. Once you've built your recipe, you can save or share it with your friends.

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