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How to Make Decorative Pie Crust Edges

You know how to crimp your pie crust, now learn how to dress those pies up with a decorative pie crust edge. In this video, you'll learn how to make three distinct edges for your pie crusts.

Length: 3:56
Produced By: Sarah Breckenridge

Once you’ve mastered the basic method for crimping a pie crust, you can start experimenting with more decorative edges. In this video, you'll learn how to make three different decorative edges for your pie crusts: one with big wide scallops, one that looks like a twisted rope, and one that looks like a shaft of wheat, an especially nice touch for Thanksgiving pies. You can create any of these edges in less than 5 minutes, and none of the edges require any special equipment beyond a pair of kitchen shears. ________________________________________________________________
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Videography by Gary Junken and Mike Dobsevage; editing by Cari Delahanty

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