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How to Peel Tomatoes

Watch a demonstration of Italian food expert Giuliano Hazan’s simple technique for peeling tomatoes

Length: 1:11
Produced By: Sarah Breckenridge and John Craig Ross; videography and editing by John Craig Ross

The skin of a tomato is tough—no matter how long you cook (or don’t cook) it, it’ll stay tough. That’s why peeling tomatoes before using them in sauces is a good idea. Some cooks blanch tomatoes in a pot of boiling water to peel them, but not only does this partially cook the tomatoes, it’s also time-consuming.

Make it Easy:
Core a tomato and cut a thin slice off the top. Draw a sharp Y-shaped peeler down the sides of the tomato, using a side-to-side sawing motion with the entire length of the blade to remove the skin in strips. A ceramic peeler is ideal for this because it stays razor-sharp, allowing you to remove the skin with minimal effort and very little loss of tomato flesh. Don’t use a serrated peeler because it can tear the skin rather than remove it.

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