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How to Stuff a Turkey

Learn the best method for stuffing a turkey and ensuring thorough, even cooking for both the stuffing and the bird.

Length: 2:13
Produced By: Sarah Breckenridge

Some cooks prefer not to stuff a turkey, but for those who do there are a few important considerations. In this video, you'll learn the best method for stuffing a turkey and ensuring thorough, even cooking for both the stuffing and the bird. 

The technique begins by seasoning the cavity and then loosely packing the cavity with stuffing.

If you've made your stuffing ahead of time and refrigerated it, make sure it's at room temperature, because cold stuffing will take too long to heat up in the oven, and may prevent the turkey from cooking evenly.

Pack the stuffing loosely into the cavity, because it's going to expand as it cooks. If you pack it firmly now, you'll end up with a wad of very dense wet bread. You should be able to fit a hand into the top of the cavity. You can also fit a small amount of stuffing into the neck cavity of the bird, though you may need to pin down the skin to keep it in there.

For most recipes, you'll end up with lots of leftover stuffing. Just spoon it into a greased baking dish and bake alongside the turkey. The stuffing is done when it has reached a temperature of 165 °F.

Remember: A stuffed turkey takes longer to cook, and you must check to make sure the stuffing has cooked all the way through.

Videography by Gary Junken and Mike Dobsevage; editing by Cari Delahanty

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