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How to Cut Orange Segments

Free the sections from the membrane for eye appeal and easy eating

Length: 3:55

Sure, oranges are in the markets year-round, but winter is when they're at their sweet, juicy best. When shopping, look for oranges that are firm and heavy for their size. Pass on oranges that have blemishes and soft spots, and avoid oranges that look dry. 

To get only the tender fruit, use a thin, sharp knife to remove the zest and pith before slicing any citrus into sections (read The Anatomy of a Cirtus Peel to learn how to identify the zest vs. the pith).

In this video, test kitchen contributor Nicki Sizemore shows you how to prepare an orange for dessertsfruit salads, salsas, and more. The same technique can be used for grapefruit as well.

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