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Issue 38

Baked Chicken with Herbs, Garlic & Shallots

This recipe is very similar to one my mother often cooked when I was growing up; now it's a staple of my weeknight dinner repertoire. Vary the herbs as you…

  • Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce

    Everybody’s favorite. Use top-quality chocolate for the best-tasting sauce. Pour over ice cream; drizzle on plain cakes and pastries; or pipe onto a shallow pool of crème anglaise for a black-and-white…

  • Basic Basil Pesto

    Traditionally pounded in a mortar and pestle, this intense sauce is quick work in a food processor. The basic pesto is quite tasty, but see the variations below for a…

  • Basic Tapenade

    Traditionally pounded in a mortar and pestle, tapenade is quick work in a food processor. A little bit goes a long way, and it keeps well.Basil PestoYields about 1 cup. Tapenade:

  • Ginger-Soy Dipping Sauce

    Quickly whisked together, this sauces add vibrancy to many ordinary dishes. Use as a sauce for wontons, dumplings, fritters, spring rolls, or grilled seafood, poultry, meat, or vegetables; dress fresh…

  • Lemon Tarragon Chicken with Pan Sauce

    This baked chicken starts with a flavorful herb butter stuffed under the skin, and finishes with a quick sauce made by deglazing the pan drippings with chicken stock. When making…

  • Lemon Chiffon Cake with Raspberry Cream

    Use the whipped cream to frost the whole cake or to garnish individual slices of cake.

  • Onion Coulis

    This is a deeply flavored, low-fat alternative to butter- or cream-based sauces. It's easy to improvise with any sautéed, steamed, or roasted vegetable. Spoon over grilled or roasted chicken, beef, and…

  • Raspberry Coulis

    The simplest and most adaptable of dessert sauces. Spoon onto ice cream; drizzle across plain cakes and pastries; pair with fruit tarts and chocolate desserts.

  • Slow-Baked ‘City’ Ham

    If you opt for a half-ham, buy the shank end -- the meat contains less fat and gristle; for all size hams, figure about 25 min. per pound.

  • Spoonbread

    I like this recipe just the way it is, but feel free to vary it by adding sautéed diced onions, jalapeños, or red bell peppers.

  • Veal and Mushroom Pierogi

    Meat-filled pierogi make a satisfying supper served with a tossed salad. You can simply boil them and serve with melted butter, but these are especially good if you sauté them after…

  • Crunchy Parmesan Chicken

    This chicken has a spicy, crunchy crust that keeps it very moist on the inside. The secret to the great crust is basting: Without basting, the flour-cheese coating would stay…

  • Cinnamon Chiffon Cake

    Though plain looking, this cake packs a ton of flavor.

  • Classic Vinaigrette

    This is infinitely adaptable, versatile, and quick to make with pantry ingredients. The only trick is the emulsification. Use on green salads of course, but also on cool or room-temperature…

  • Creamy Mayonnaise

    Distinct from and immeasurably superior to bottled mayonnaise, the creamy, rich character comes from an emulsion of oil, egg, and lemon juice. Dollop onto grilled seafood or chicken; nap over…

  • Classic Marinara

    A stash of marinara in the freezer means you can produce a range of sauces and soups in minutes. Use on pasta, polenta, and pizza; season and bind casseroles and…

  • Classic Beurre Blanc

    Quick to make, a perfect last-minute trick to dress up the simplest foods. Spoon over poached fish, scallops, shrimp, and chicken breasts; drizzle over steamed or grilled vegetables, especially asparagus.

  • Classic Caramel Sauce

    This sauce keeps well, making it a great last-minute way to dress up dessert. Drizzle over ice cream or plain cakes; mix with nuts and spread between cake layers; pour…

  • Apricot Pierogi with Sugared Almonds

    Apricot-filled pierogi are delicious for brunch or dessert. They're especially good with the sugared almond topping below, but you could just as easily serve them with whipped cream, a little…

  • Almond Crunch & Chocolate Confetti Chiffon Cake

    This light, airy cake is dotted with tiny bits of chocolate, with a wreath of crackly sugared almonds on top. The almond crunch will stay crunchy for several days.

  • Pierogi Dough

    This versatile dough can be used to make meat-, potato- or apricot-filled pierogi. It's important not to overwork the dough: brief, gentle mixing and kneading will give you dough that's tender, not gummy.

  • Potato-Cabbage Pierogi

    These classic Polish pierogi get a little tang from sour cream and texture from shredded cabbage in the filling. You can simply boil them and serve with melted butter, but…

  • Pea & Spinach Soup with Coconut Milk

    Peas are just as good with curry spices and coconut milk as they are with fresh herbs. I especially like to make this soup, which includes spinach, when it’s hard…

  • Tomato Salsa

    Zingy, refreshing salsas are easy to improvise—simply balance the proportions of ingredients according to taste. Top burritos, tacos, enchiladas, nachos, chili, or bean soups; add to omelets and scrambled eggs;…

  • Homemade Pea Broth

    When you buy fresh peas in the pod, this quick stock is a great way to make use of the pods, and will intensify the pea flavor of any dish…

  • Honey-Balsamic Baked Chicken with Tomatoes, Mushrooms & Peppers

    While the chicken cooks to a deep brown color, the vegetables in the pan simmer into a delicious chunky sauce to serve with the chicken.

  • Choosing Flour for Baking

    What you're baking may determine which type of flour you should use

  • Lemon Meringue Pie, Taken to New Heights

    Whisk brown sugar syrup into barely beaten egg whites for a mountain of meringue

  • Sweet Peas: The Essence of Spring

    Fresh-from-the-pod peas are best enjoyed simply, and soon

  • A Rye Bread That’s Robust Yet Subtle

    The addition of a wheat starter gives this rye bread a lighter texture and a satisfying, crisp crust

  • Baste the chicken occasionally with pan drippings for a crispy crust

    With most baked chicken recipes, skin winds up crisper in the end without basting. One exception is this recipe, where basting actually helps to form the wonderfully crispy crust. Without…

  • Tuck flavored butter under the skin

    One trick for maximizing flavor in baked chicken is to tuck under the skin a bit of butter mixed with other ingredients like herbs and mustard (this is called compound…

  • Chiffon Cake Makes a Comeback

    The cake’s lofty height comes from whipped egg whites, its moist and tender crumb from vegetable oil

  • Italian-Style Cheese, Made in Sonoma

    Fine Cooking visits Bellwether Farms in Sonoma, California, where Cindy Callahan and her family make ricotta, sheep's milk cheese, and blue cheese from the milk of their own cows and…

  • Making Authentic Pierogis

    A light dough with a savory or sweet filling makes tender dumplings

  • Crank Up the Heat for the Best Baked Chicken

    High heat and generous seasonings produce crisp, moist chicken with loads of flavor

  • Down-Home Spoonbread

    This classic southern side dish is both comforting and sophisticated

  • Frozen Puff Pastry Makes a Fast Foundation for a Savory Tart

    Jan Newberry makes a savory asparagus tart with frozen puff pastry as the base. Variations on this simple theme are nearly limitless.

  • How to Bake a Ham So It’s Juicy and Tender

    For a sumptuous smoked ham, heat it low and slow and leave off the sticky glaze

  • Reductions

    As a sauce simmers, the water evaporates, creating a more concentrated, somewhat thicker sauce. Here are some tips for better reductions.

  • Pan Sauces & Gravies

    Molly Stevens offers a primer on preparing quick sauces and gravies from pan juices.

  • Emulsions

    In this article, Molly Stevens offers a few useful tricks and principles for achieving a successful emulsion, the combination of two ingredients (typically oil and water) that wouldn't ordinarily combine.…

  • Finishing Sauces with Butter

    Whisking a knob or two of cold unsalted butter into a warm pan sauce or vegetable purée has long been a secret of many restaurant chefs as a quick way…

  • Storing sauces

    Many sauces can be made ahead and refrigerated or frozen, which make them ideal as last-minute additions. In this article, Molly Smith provides approximate storage times for a wide variety…

  • Condensed Milk vs. Evaporated Milk

    The cans may look similar, but the contents are not. Both are made from fresh milk, but the process is different and in culinary terms they are definitely not interchangeable.…

  • Try a Hollow-Edged Slicing Knife for Ham and Other Delicate Meats

    Susie Middleton reviews two slicing knives.

  • Explore Cumin's Full Character

    Niloufer King likes cumin, and in this article she delves into the history and culinary uses of this pungent spice.

  • Mini Bowls Are Handy for Prep

    Susie Middleton reviews sets of little bowls she finds useful in food prep.

  • Picture-Perfect Mushrooms by Mail

    Joanne Smart reviews Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc., of Sepastopol, California.

  • Find Out-of-Print Cookbooks on the Internet

    Sarah Jay sets out to complete her collection of a Time Life cookbook series and discovers she doesn't have to leave her home to do so.

  • For a Smooth Finish, Apply a Crumb Coat Before You Frost a Cake

    Learn how to achieve a flawless frosting with this simple technique.

  • How Fragile Egg-White Foams Are Transformed into Firm, Airy Meringues

    Food scientist Shirley Corriher reveals the secret to making a perfect meringue. You'll learn what a meringue is, how the right amount of sugar can stabilize the egg foam, and…

  • How to Roll and Shape Pie Crust

    Roll “around the clock” for a circle of even thickness

  • Selecting Authentic, Well-Crafted Artisan Bread

    Baker Thom Leonard takes on the topic of artisan bread: pain au levain, sourdough, baguettes, ciabatta, publiese, pain de campagne, and more. You'll find out what goes into a good…

  • Kosher Wines Are World-Class Finds

    Kosher wines have come a long way since Tim Gaiser's childhood, when they used to taste like cough syrup. In this article, Tim explains what a kosher wine is and…

  • A guide to essential sauces, savory and sweet

    Molly Stevens has compiled a list of recipes for savory sauces that should be in every cook's repertoire, such as vinaigrette, salsa, mayonnaise, pesto, tapenade, marinara, beurre blanc, vegetable coulis,…

  • Lemon-Lime Meringue Pie

    Due to varying levels of moisture, molasses and invert sugar, different brands of brown sugar will behave differently in this meringue. This recipe was developed to use C&H golden brown…

  • Lemon-Lime Meringue Pie (Domino version)

    Due to varying levels of moisture, molasses, and invert sugar, different brands of brown sugar will behave differently in this meringue. The master recipe for this pie was developed to use…

  • ‘Cat-Head’ Biscuits

    I love these buttery biscuits (named for their relatively large size). They're perfect for serving with Slow-Baked City Ham.

  • Pasta with Peas & Basil

    Choose a pasta that can catch the peas, such as small shells, tubetti, or farfalle, or else curly egg noodles, which have just enough twist to nestle the peas and…

  • Pea & Parsley Risotto

    Making this risotto with a homemade vegetable stock made from the leek greens, pea pods and parsley stems not only makes great use of the scraps, but also intensifies the flavors…

  • Better Cooking Through a Convection Oven

    Hot air circulating through your oven cooks food more evenly, at lower temperatures, and often with better and faster results

  • Asparagus-Goat-Cheese-Bacon-Tart-75846.-square

    Asparagus, Goat Cheese & Bacon Tart

    This tasty tart is just right for spring. It's easy enough to make it meatless, too; simply omit the bacon. Be sure to cook the pastry fully to get it…

  • Rye Bread

    I've developed this recipe using a finely ground organic rye flour. If you use a different rye flour, use the same amount by weight and adjust the liquid in your…

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